Terms and Conditions

It is undeniable that the Internet has become a great source of information of global access that exerts an important influence in the field of education and the socio-cultural environment, at the same time that it presents good prospects in the field of commerce. It is an important forum where many activities are carried out, most of which are carried out with legitimate and useful objectives, but, obviously, there are also illegal activities and behaviors that are not socially accepted. Therefore, the clarification that will appear below is a mandatory reference for the proper use of our platform.

Acceptance of Conditions
When you access our website or our service, at the same time that our conditions of use are established, once you have read and / or accepted, you will have to submit to them. We reserve the right to make changes and modifications to these legal terms at any time. We will inform each user about the changes made in relation to the use of our website or service. It will accept these modifications automatically in the case of a new registration and after changes have been made in the general conditions of the contract. You must carefully read each term to understand our conditions because this document constitutes a legal guarantee between users and MiAlquilerEnCuba.com.

Users are those who have somehow registered to use the benefits of our platform. From now on, and in the rest of the document, users who have houses for rent will be called «hosts», and tourist users will be called «guests». MiAlquilerEnCuba.com is managed by MAEC NETWORK, LLC, as a service aimed at our users and visitors. It has a collection of online resources for accommodation in “Casas Particulares” in Cuba, as well as an email service called (joint services).

Content and Distribution
We reserve the right to remove, modify or not accept the content we consider, at our discretion, we are not subject to these terms or, in some way, they may be unacceptable, as well as distribute the content (considered a hosting offer in general), not only through our network of platforms, but through other sales channels. Users must be in charge of verifying and ensuring that the information entered matches their intentions. You understand and declare that you are satisfied with the fact that the sole responsibility for the content refers to any type of reservation; The messages, texts, data, images, images, videos, audio or any other material stored in «content» belongs to the user where they originated. All this content is related to our service and is sent or transmitted through our system. You understand and declare that you are satisfied with the fact that we are an online market and, therefore, we are committed to the content published on the website. In addition, we will moderate those data that contain slander and offenses, obscenities and the like, including comments and other information that users can enter. We cannot be responsible for the protection of intellectual property, personal data or non-public information. The content of this site will always be subject to constant changes and, very often, it is very likely that inaccuracies arise. We do not assume responsibilities, express or implied warranties for the accuracy, update or integrity of the information that appears on the website. We are not required to verify, update or control this information; Therefore, we suggest that you review all the information taken from our website. We offer no guarantee or certainty, either verbal or explicit, in relation to user contributions or questions. You understand and declare that you are satisfied with the fact that if you ever reach an agreement with another person or organization, it will be under the conditions negotiated by you and assumed by both parties at your own risk. In MiAlquilerEnCuba.com users will have limited, revocable, and non-exclusive access to the website for marketing and / or search, in accordance with the check mark, and to be able to express a real concern of the users related to their interests and vacations . Requirements for personal use, provided that the provisions above coincide with our conditions of use.

Each vacation rental offer must go directly from the hosts to the guests. If you are interested in renting a room and making a reservation request, you will be asked for your contact information. MiAlquilerEnCuba.com forwards your reservation to the host and, after accepting the Private Houses (private accommodation and holiday apartments), you are sent an offer.

For guests who do not make reservations, access to our website is free, as well as the use of our services. If you have decided to make a reservation for a stay, MiAlquilerEnCuba is authorized to charge the following rate:

  • Guest service charge: between 10% and 25% of the total price of the accommodation, depending on the number of nights booked, defined as commission for the management of the pre-reservation and reservation.

The currency known as CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) is used as a norm for payment and advertising prices. MiAlquilerEnCuba.com, in no way, makes your transactions with this currency.
The American Dollar is established as payment coins, however, if your currency is different, the payment processor will make the conversion in real time of its value in dollars and will charge that amount to your payment method. The pre-reservation and reservation fee must be paid exclusively through the credit card tax (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express) for the amount defined by MiAlquilerEnCuba.com with the host. Cash or check payments are not accepted, except in special circumstances or by common consent between MiAlquilerEnCuba.com and the guest; therefore, we assume no responsibility for the corresponding loss of cash or checks. You, as guests, accept that MiAlquilerEnCuba.com can charge your credit card with an amount as payment in advance, as agreed in the confirmation of the reservation with your host. By doing so, he also approves the payment of the difference directly to the host, after his arrival and determining what he accepted with him. This difference refers to (the total amount of the stay, previous deduction of the commission for pre-booking and reservation.

The commission of MiAlquilerEnCuba.com will be previously discounted in the process of prior reservation and reservation. For your part, you, as the host, have the right to claim the amount per room from the guests. The host does not pay commission; It is the guests who are always charged the commission through online payments.

Cancellation policies
For the guest.

If a guest wishes to cancel a confirmed reservation through our platform or by email through the Customer Service, before or after the reserved date, the Cancellation Policy will apply depending on the case:

  • 50 reimbursement%: If the cancellation of the reservation is made 48 hours after sending the official confirmation (and having charged the amount defined as booking management fee) and if 10 days or more are missing by the day of check-in in or entrance to the lodging. (Both conditions must be met).
  • Non-refundable: If you have spent more than 48 hours after the official confirmation has been sent and charged the amount defined as booking management fee.

For the host.

If a guest cancels a confirmed reservation, the Cancellation Policy is applied according to the case:

  • The house (accommodation) will get a favorable score in the ranking of our website to help the owner fill the rooms that were empty due to cancellation.

If the host cancels a reservation already confirmed by the MiAlquilerEnCuba.com team, and the cancellation is made before the reserved date, the house will be penalized in the ranking of our website. If you show a very low performance by canceling many reservations on a constant basis, your hosting can be permanently removed at the will of our team.

If you use our website and make a transaction to pay for your accommodation, you also agree that any type of legal aid or liability will be limited by a legal claim against the affected user or users, who, you, or the party you have made the transaction for the accommodation has hurt and MiAlquilerEnCuba.com is exempt from this. This help and liability can be obtained through actions or omissions carried out by other clients in relation to other interactions and transactions.

As a result, you agree that you will not attempt to blame MiAlquilerEnCuba.com (MAEC NETWORK, LLC), or your directors, employees, representatives and legal successors, or that you will not attempt to file a lawsuit against MiAlquilerEnCuba.com (MAEC NETWORK, LLC).

Data Protection
The protection of your information is very important to us. Having accepted our terms of use, you explicitly allow the use of part of your personal information (in accordance with the way it is defined in the information protection statement) for us and other customers, which is specified in the Declaration of information protection. This information is included as a reference in the general terms of the contract.

We, for our part, can dispense at any time, in our opinion, and without prior responsibility to you, with or without cause, without prior notice, with the following: (a) Access to our website. (b) Delete and put out of circulation the content provided by you and (c) Deny access to any data or service

Limitations and obligations
If you are not satisfied with our site, do not accept a part of our legal terms and conditions of use, or intend to file a legal claim against us, against one of our services or terms of use, then follow the steps you must follow. You just have to stop using the MiAlquilerEnCuba.com platform. You must take into account the fact that transmissions to and from our website are not confidential and can be read by third parties. You also agree that when you post your private information on our website, we can not take responsibility for your physical safety or prevent a crime or action from occurring.

MiAlquilerEnCuba.com is authorized by OFAC with a general license under the 31 CFR §515.572 (a) (1) section to offer rental service for the owner.