Diving in Cuba with professionals (Scuba Diving)

Live the magnificent experience of diving in the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, in naturally adorned reef environments, an incredible and diverse marine fauna, and even sunken ships that give that exotic touch to the environment. Also taking advantage of the perfect weather conditions that highlight these areas above any other in the world to perform this activity.


Diving service professionals in Matanzas, specifically in Coral Beach and Long Beach. All equipment is in perfect condition. The activity lasts between 45 1 minutes to an hour. instructions for people who have never done this activity and will advice under water at all times are given. The price is negotiable depending on the number of people who want to dive.


Coral Beach is a beach Matanzas just north of Cuba, as it says the name, the beach is completely adorned with reefs and boasts the largest coral reef in Cuba.


Long Beach is historically another favorite diving places in Cuba, almost 30 km of well used beach for snorkeling thanks to its diverse marine environment.

How much does it cost to dive in Cuba:

The price may vary depending on the duration of the diving activity but usually a service of 45 minutes costs around 35 CUC per person. Includes 15 minutes of classes with the diving instructor.

Places to dive in Cuba:

  • Long Beach (South of Matanzas).
  • Playa Coral (in the city of Matanzas)
  • Varadero

Service we provide to support this activity:

  • Diving Service with professional instructors and new equipment.
  • Transfer (Round) in modern and safe car to the diving areas, the price is notified after filling out the form below and specifying the city where you are. The transfer service is also offered for destinations outside Matanzas.
  • Accommodation in the areas of Matanzas (Coral Beach) and Ciénaga de Zapata (Long Beach) for those who want to stay overnight and do the diving activity lighter.

Special prices and discounts are handled if you take more than one service.

We offer trust and confidence in our service:

  • We do not charge in advance, such services will be charged once they finish diving activity having total user satisfaction. Cash payment directly with the dive instructors.
  • If the taxi service and accommodation will also be charged with those responsible for each service personally.

Fill out the form with all the data.

Diving Service Request

Transfer Service Accommodation in Matanzas Accommodation in Long Beach

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