Apartment Lupe and Alejandro - Vedado

Frequently asked questions and answers about Apartment Lupe and Alejandro - Vedado
Yes so much Apartment Lupe and Alejandro - Vedado like any other private house that is listed in MiAlquilerEnCuba.com they are safe places to stay since we verify that each accommodation is legally registered as a hospitality business. Private homes, hostels, vacation apartments, or other types of hospitality business registered in Cuba are completely legal and pay annual taxes, making it totally safe to book this accommodation.
To reserve Apartment Lupe and Alejandro - Vedado or any other private house through MiAlquilerEnCuba.com you only have to fill in the Reservation Request Form found on this page and fill in the mandatory information requested by the host.
Apartment Lupe and Alejandro - Vedado accepts reservations of one or more days.
Once you complete the reservation process, we will send the host's contact information to your email as well as the exact address of the accommodation.
Yes, you will pay the majority of your reservation upon arrival at the accommodation. However, as a protection measure in favor of the hosts against reservation failures, our platform will charge you between approximately 15% to 25% of the total reservation when completing the confirmation process to ensure it. The remaining amount will be paid upon arrival in cash. The amount requested to pay online and our refund policy is reflected on the following billing page that you can view once you fill out the Reservation Request Form on this page.
The taxi service to move from one place to another, either specific addresses or collected at the airport, is fully covered by MiAlquilerEnCuba.com. Check prices in real time of the taxi service at this link.