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(2020) Traveling to Cuba - Tips to save money

Guide so that your vacations in Cuba are as profitable as possible without missing a single detail of this beautiful country.


Beaches of Cuba that you must visit in 2020

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  • 5 star review  Great service, the places we stayed were outstanding, I strongly recommend the service, it is the best way to visit beautiful Cuba and meet Cubans. The transportation service provided was also outstanding.

    thumb Carlos S Castellon

    5 star review  A very safe service, they go 3 houses that I rent by this means and I have not had any problem. Even when the house you request is already occupied, they suggest other options. Recommendable!

    thumb Majo Gaa Argüelles

    5 star review  Highly recommended ... The houses of Mirta Quiroz in Havana and Frank Louis in Varadero excellent!

    thumb Erica Ginocchio
  • 5 star review  Good afternoon. Through the website we were able to rent an apartment in Old Havana. And later they contacted us to rent the transfers from the airport of Havana to the department, from there to Varadero and back again. Except the criticism made on the website about the photos did not exactly correspond to the apartment we rented, everything else was impeccable. The organization is very good. Nothing failed. The apartment was in excellent condition. It had refrigerator with different drinks. It did not include breakfast although one was offered at cost. The area like all of Havana that we could travel super safe. The best option in contrast to the hotel that is not economical on the island. Super recommended to all who want to travel to Cuba !!

    thumb Daniel Di Martino

    5 star review  Excellent service! When there was no accommodation available, they immediately offered me another option and the next day I was ready. Thank you very much.

    thumb Gil A Perez Romero

    5 star review  Excellent site to manage rentals. Super efficient! and the houses are wonderful.

    thumb Ernesto Alejandro Mantilla
  • 5 star review  The best of the best I recommend them to all super

    thumb Arleti Marrero

    5 star review  Excellent service super fast!

    thumb Sullyn Martin Garcia

    3 star review  I booked through an apartment in Cuba, an apartment in Varadero, Casa Frank and Ivy. The location and the apartment itself were very good, but we found ourselves arriving with the unpleasant surprise that they intended us to leave the apartment a day earlier than expected in the reservation because of a "confusion" or lack of coordination between the owners and My rental in Cuba had reserved the same apartment to another family. Regrettably, Irma had to arrive to solve it ... when the other family did not arrive on the scheduled dates.

    thumb Rafaela Martin Perez
  • 5 star review  Awesome website, really fast, secure and user friendly.

    thumb Carlos Manuel Delgado

    5 star review  Very good page to know everything about tourism in Cuba congratulations

    thumb Michel Sañudo Cuellar

    5 star review  Hello, my name is Justina. We have rented our House with this Agency of Houses in Cuba and it was all perfect. Seriousness and precision in the contact. Very available and attentive. Thanks and good work.

    thumb Justina Sierra Ramirez
  • 5 star review  My days in Cuba were in Yusi's accommodation, excellent ... highly recommended.

    thumb Cecilia Bollada

    5 star review  ho prenotato l'hostel casita santa clara with questo servizio, house eccellente e servizio molto veloce.bravi!

    thumb Simone Cesaroni

    5 star review  My rental in Cuba has a fast and good service. Thank you. In Playa Larga we stayed at: Casa Sol y Cariebe is a wonderful hostel. It has a paradise beach with white sand and in the concept of the turquoise sea and safe. It also has delicious meals and fantastic drinks and comfortable rooms. Super good for sunbathing in peace and swimming. What's more, at dinner there is salsa & latino live music, in the ambiance on the beach. We had a great time. The service is excellent. In our hospitality, Javier, who was organizing the entire service process, who helped us instantly when and whatever we needed. Besides Javier, he recommended good meals. Thank you very much to him .. Definitely, I recommend taking pina colada, and eating especially fillet fish, paella, fried potatoes, fried plantains, fried sweet potato .. All the food was fresh and homemade food (home made). There is delicious breakfast with fresh and tropical fruit juices. The rooms are comfortable and have air conditioning. I recommend staying here for everyone. Greetings, Esra Sire

    thumb Esra Sire
  • 5 star review  My rent in Cuba is wonderful, serious and very professional in their work, they were very quick in responding to my concerns

    thumb Juan Carlos Mederos Mirandas

    5 star review  "Excellent" In previous days use the site. My family and I are very grateful for the careful attention to our recesses. Thank you very much "My Alquiles in Cuba"

    thumb Orlando Hernandez

    1 star review  Arrivato a varadero the house was not available .. and il padrone scortese non ha riconosciuto la prenotazione ... servizio pessimo

    thumb Marrazzo Giuseppe
  • 5 star review  It has an excellent relationship service with customers.

    thumb Jose A Gonzalez Greck

    5 star review  I was for Easter at María de los Ángeles in Vedado and we had a great time !!! The house very comfortable, the taxi service was perfect from the airport in Havana to the house. Excellent location. Very recommended page.

    thumb Armando Rivas Lugo

    5 star review  I travel every month from Spain to Varadero for business. He used this website to find accommodation. Everything has always been correct. I recommend it

    thumb Raul Esteve Ferrer
  • 5 star review  Excellent ALL the houses we were in. Highly recommended...

    thumb Maricel Pintos

    5 star review  Quick response and shows interest! Then I comment more when I finish my trip

    thumb Jorge Martinez

    5 star review  Excellent

    thumb Gabriel Tellez
  • 4 star review  We were staying at Maria Victoria and Alberto in Vedado, we contacted us on the internet, they went to look for us at the airport. The comfortable accommodation the excellent attention with advice, we were at ease. We recommend it

    thumb Adriana Trovato

    3 star review  They were very kind in the messages and offering me different options than initially requested. However, they never clarified that the breakfast expenses are not included in the price offered and they did not notify the accommodation (despite my insistence and that they said they had done it) the change of my departure date which forced me to change to another accommodation near my last night. For 5 nights I had been in 3 different rooms being the last one in another hotel!

    thumb Cecilia González

    3 star review  What this site mentions is totally true I contacted by mail and book my accommodation so they go for you to the airport and take you to the place where you stay the payments are made directly with the taxi driver and the host of the house I recommend it, above all, because you do not have to leave a credit card as a guarantee for those who are somewhat afraid of this type of procedure. Where I stayed was the hosts were friendly and supported us in everything we occupy.

    thumb Cinthia Villa
  • 4 star review  The whole process was fantastic, the connection with the owner of the perfect apartment very friendly, but there was a fundamental problem for someone who was old with a child of 7 years, the taxi previously agreed and Spoken that I would wait to leave the airport quickly with a sign with my name "NEVER APPEARED" Thing that displeased me a little having to go out to discuss price and quality after waiting for my taxi for 30 minutes. We must take care of those details !!!! But in general it was good! That's why I do not give them 5 stars !!

    thumb Federico Lucas Montes Freddy

    5 star review  For me it was the best option, I was recently in dry dock with my family, and the house in which I stayed was excellent, very comfortable and a beautiful sight, surely I will repeat !!!

    thumb Ramon Francisco Naranjo
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(2020) Traveling to Cuba - Tips to save money

(2020) Traveling to Cuba - Tips to save money

Guide so that your vacations in Cuba are as profitable as possible without missing a single detail of this beautiful country. (plus…)
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General Questions and Answers

We clarify the most frequent questions that our users have.

A private house in Cuba is not much different from an accommodation, private apartment, or a villa with a pool. In general they are usually half as cheap as a hotel would cost you ... read more

Yes, all the accommodations and private homes that are listed in MiAlquilerEnCuba.com are safe places to stay since we verify that each accommodation is legally registered as a hospitality business. Private houses, hostels, vacation apartments, or other types of hospitality business registered in Cuba are completely legal and pay annual taxes, making it totally safe to book this accommodation.

You must take a taxi that you can either pay for when you arrive at the airport or you can also book it in advance through our platform. We incorporated this service after receiving numerous feedbacks from users arriving at the airports and the airport taxi company charges a rather high price in addition to making them wait because due to demand on occasions there are no taxis available. On the other hand, booking a taxi in advance avoids both problems since the transfer fee is fixed, cheaper and can be quoted before booking, and the taxi driver is the one who waits for you as long as necessary. See more details of our taxi service

The transfer from Havana to the center in a taxi can cost you from $ 25 - $ 30 approximately depending on the season if you book it through MiAlquilerEnCuba.com. See details of the transfer from Havana Airport to the center. The flat rate taxi provided by the airport starts at $ 35.

Euro is better in Cuba to exchange, better than the Dollar and any other currency. Updated CUC exchange rate

In all the airports and cities of Cuba there are money exchange offices called CADECA. Havana and Varadero and a few cities have more than one exchange office. In the hotels there are also money exchange houses. More details and location of money exchange offices in all Cuban cities

The United States applies travel restrictions for American citizens born in the United States and in order to travel to Cuba they must comply with 12 Travel Categories regulated by the United States Department of the Treasury. View service

Except for native American citizens, anyone can travel to Cuba only with their passport. You need a visa that is more like a tourist card to enter Cuba, you can buy it at the embassy of your country, at the agency that sells your ticket, but you can also buy it at the Cuban airport when you arrive. So it is not a travel problem and it is not necessary to make an appointment at the Cuban Embassy in your country to carry out this procedure. The temporary Visa or tourism card allows you to be legally within the Cuban territory for 30 days with the possibility of an extension of 30 more days. The cost ranges from $ 50 - $ 75.