Travel to Cuba freely and save a lot of money

Guide to making your holiday in Cuba as profitable as possible without miss a single detail of this beautiful country. READ MORE

Havana. City encapsulated in time.

Havana, capital of Cuba, is the Caribbean's largest city and one of the urban centers with greater cultural wealth in the world READ MORE

Old Havana

A trip to the past full of history. Meet the oldest and exotic area of ​​Havana with its typical architectural and cultural mix of the three colonies: English, Spanish and American. READ MORE

Caribbean beaches

Cuba is well known for having some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, inlcuding Varadero beach considered the cleanest and crystal in the world. Find your perfect accommodation in beach areas. READ MORE

Organizing my trip to Cuba.

Prepare your suitcase without thinking, buy a plane ticket and come to Cuba. We give enough reasons to visit us even more than once.



Customs Cuba - Permitted and Prohibited

Customs Cuba - Permitted and Prohibited

Customs Cuba - Official information that should not be overlooked. What to do if your luggage is overweight. Customs of Cuba lets you bring 30 kg (per passenger) between unaccompanied luggage ...
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Thanks for service - Gratuities

Thanks for service - Gratuities

In Cuba it is common to tip all staff providing a service wait to have a tip in the case of restaurants and bars can be of 10% and other services may be more than enough c ...
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Public Health - Medical assistance - Medications

Public Health - Medical assistance - Medications

Public health in Cuba is one of the best in Latin America. All hotels have guaranteed primary health care in place, and in major cities and tourist destinations clinic there ...
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